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Effective Brief Therapy.
Helping You With Evidence Based Solutions.

Develop useful thinking processes to adapt to the demands of everyday life.



Discover how Peter's unique blend of electrical engineering experience enhances his approach as

a Strategic Therapist...


Peter E. Carlini 

Certified Strategic Psychotherapist &

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Strategic Psychotherapy

Brief and targeted interventions to address specific issues, promoting efficient and lasting change.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Effective, evidence-based techniques unlocking the mind's potential for personal transformation and lasting adaptive change. 

Convenient Online Sessions

1-on-1 Private Sessions tailored to you via Zoom.

What we help you with...

Adaptive Focus Therapy targets a range of concerns impacting your day-to-day function in life. Peter is specially trained to identify the thinking processes that may be contributing to your particular issue and to facilitate positive change by adapting your focus to evidence based processes that provide lasting change.

Generalised Anxiety

Find relief from anxiety with effective therapy tailored to you.


Conquer procrastination for increased productivity and peace of mind.


Address addiction with effective strategies for lasting recovery and freedom

Quit Smoking & Vaping

Quit smoking and vaping with proven techniques for better health.

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