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Adaptive Focus Therapy helps you adapt your focus to overcome challenges so you can get back to what matters to you. 

Do you ever wonder about the cost of living with chronic conditions such as anxiety, procrastination or addictions to name a few? How much time is lost? What are you missing out on? How much is it costing you?

Life is not always straightforward and we don't always have the time to be stuck in a particular problem, that is why Adaptive Focus Therapy focuses on solutions. By helping you with evidence-based brief therapy we can guide you with tools and resources that help you adapt to the demands of life showing you "how" rather than "why" problems exist and how to overcome them.

Using an engineering mind to adapt focus...

Hi, my name is Peter!​


I'm glad you've found your way to Adaptive Focus Therapy, I am the Strategic Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist behind the name. Like many of my clients I found myself struggling with anxiety which led to issues in my social life, relationships, career, health and study.

In my earlier years I studied Electrical Engineering and after graduating found work wth Transport NSW. Not long into my career I realised how anxiety was impacting my ability to function and be productive. As life progresses so do our responsibilities and our ability to adapt to the ever changing demands of day-to-day life. Without effective tools to manage the anxiety I experienced frustration under this load.

I found myself unfulfilled in my career and was quickly realising I had an interest in understanding people and the mind. Electrical Engineering taught me a lot about using a logical mindset in problem solving using science, learning and evidence-based strategies. 


I began to wonder if there was a way to merge my engineering mind with therapy to overcome anxiety. After much trial and error I came across Strategic Therapy and could not deny the effectiveness which lies within its principles. I quickly learnt that every problem has a solution and was able to employ a range of processes and tools which guided me back to clarity. 

From this Adaptive Focus Therapy became my mission, I wanted to help others experiencing similar issues so that they could lead healthy, adaptive and happier lives!   

I look forward to helping you adapt your focus!

Simple. Effective. Brief. 

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. (10791NAT RTO #70206).

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Hypnotherapy Training Australia.

  • Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development, Holistic Health and Wellbeing Academy.

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of New South Wales, 2012.

  • Founding Member of International Strategic Therapists Association.

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Unlock potential, embrace change, and find empowerment. Start your journey now!

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